Do you rent boats?  No, we are a private marina; everyone at BLM owns their own boat.
Do you have a public launch? No. Try Norowal Marina owned by the Town of Bolton Landing.
Do you offer a water taxi? No.
Do you sell ice?  Yes.  We sell ice in the clubhouse.
Do you sell gas? Yes, we sell gas to our members and the general public.
Do you have a pump out?  "Yes" we do have a pump out.
Do I need to call ahead to get my boat put in the water? "No", if your boat is in the shed and you will arrive during business hours, you will not need to call ahead.  If your boat is on a trailer, “yes” you will need to call 1 hour in advance to allow time for the boat to be launched.
What should I do if I will not arrive before the marina is closed and would like to use my boat?
Call during business hours and asked that your boat be launched before the employees leave. They will launch the boat and tie it up at the docks for your use after closing time.
What should I do if I come back in after closing time? If you would like your boat put away, leave the boat tied up in the fork truck lane. If you would like it left out, tie the boat up on the docks between the fork truck lane and the gas dock.
Do you have public parking? "No", all parking on the BLM property is private, for members only.  Members are allowed one car per membership on the BLM lot.  All cars should display the current year parking pass on their dash.
What does your clubhouse offer?  Restrooms with showers, recreational table games, TV/VCR/DVD player, snack/soda machines, books/magazines to borrow, fireplace, dryer and WIFI for our members.
Can members grill at the marina? Yes, the marina has three grills on the deck of the clubhouse and two on the lower deck by the water.  Grills are first come, first serve all we ask is that all utensils that are used are washed in the outdoor sink on the backside of the clubhouse.